Pokemon Go Hacks 2022 – How To Get Pokémon GO Joystick/Spoofer/GPS/Teleport [iOS/Android]

Pokemon Go Hacks 2022 – How To Get Pokémon GO Joystick/Spoofer/GPS/Teleport [iOS/Android]: Even as Pokemon GO’s popularity continues to surge in global gaming circles, there have undoubtedly been several attempts by players to manipulate the game’s GPS algorithm by using Joysticks or spoofing locations.

After all, there is a popular saying that goes “If you can’t win, cheat!”

Unsurprisingly, Pokemon GO hack spoofers for Android & iOS, cheats, rewards sheets, and other bonuses have flooded the internet ever since the AR (Augmented Reality) mobile game was launched.

Regardless, some players still prefer to work hard and earn honest rewards. Such people must always be commended.

But, if you don’t mind obtaining rewards and reaching the top by any means necessary, you should read on to discover more about working Pokemon GO hacks instead.

What Is The Pokemon GO Hack Spoofer?

Before we deep dive into how to get the Pokemon GO location spoofer, you need to have a basic understanding of how the game is played.

The Pokemon GO game app was developed with Google Maps API. It operates by tracking your real-time location via your smartphone GPS feature & then displaying the different Pokemon monster types assigned by the game developers based on your location.

For those of us who do not know, the Pokemon GO hack spoofer is a user location hack for Android and iOS, and mobile devices.

It operates by spoofing your mobile device’s GPS location. This then gives you the freedom to move around freely on the virtual map using the teleport and joystick function.

This Pokemon GO hack spoofer makes the GPS believe that the player is changing their actual coordinates which then moves you around the game’s digital map.

The game itself comes with control buttons that are quite similar to the arrow keys on a joystick. They enable seamless movement in any direction.

The PokeSpoof application also adds a game overlay which allows you to access all its joystick features easily without leaving the Pokemon GO game itself.

It also lets you adjust the speed of your movement while walking or running.

The best part about using Pokemon GO hack spoofer tools is they are undetectable so your game account will remain safe.

Moreover, you won’t have to root your Android device before using these Pokemon GO location spoofing joystick apps. Hence they can work on almost any mobile gadget.

Read on to find out more about these working hacks.

Pokemon GO Hack Spoofer Features

Pokemon GO hack spoofer apps are usually loaded with handy game features.

We’ve identified a few cool options you can expect to benefit from:

  • Joystick Mode
  • Auto-Walking
  • Teleport
  • Nearby Radar
  • Encounter IV Checker
  • IV List
  • Feed Radar
  • Coordinates Feed
  • Nearby Gym Slots Scanner
  • Auto-Generate GPX
  • Fast Catch Trick
  • Enhanced Throw

Some of these Pokemon GO hack spoofer apps are even available on the Google PlayStore or AppStore. Others can always be installed manually from the developer’s website.

Here are some proven Pokemon GO hack spoofer apps you should look out for:

  • GPS Joystick Fake GPS Location App

This hack software will allow you to spoof your actual GPS location using joystick overlay controls. It was specially developed for those Pokemon GO players who wish to overwrite their real-time GPS location. This means they can appear anywhere they choose to around the world map.

One of the most unique aspects of using the GPS JoyStick application is the way it offers flexible location options to the user. It comes with multiple location hack options. You also get to configure each one of them to suit your requirements.

  • Fake GPS Joystick & Routes GO

Unlike other free Pokemon GO location spoofing apps, using Fake GPS Joystick & Routes will cost you an access fee. Once you’ve subscribed, you’ll soon discover the app works flawlessly. It provides advanced operational modes and features for manipulating your GPS location.

You can expect to find a joystick for automated movement within a specified radius, and smooth manual flying controls. The app also lets you update at regular intervals and customize speeds. Moreover, the Fake GPS app automatically records your actual location history so you can add them to your favorite custom locations list for quicker access.

  • Fly GPS for Pokemon GO

With the Fly GPS app for Pokemon GO, you have one of the most reliable and free location spoofing apps available on the software market. It is already quite famous among spoofers around the world who use it without any hassles.

This Pokemon GO location spoofing app can be used to manipulate your smart device into thinking that you are moving around. This means that you can navigate around the area easily with your game character to capture any Pokemon monsters nearby.

  • TutuApp for Pokemon GO

You can also try out the TutuApp for Pokemon GO. It is essentially the modded game version that was created by a third-party developer. This software tool is already widely used among hackers. It is regarded as one of the most straightforward location spoofing methods on Android devices.

Apart from its location spoofing abilities, the TutuApp developer also integrated a slightly enhanced overlay of the game itself. You can even expect to find a native joystick for better movement.

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Warning: Using Random Cheats for Pokemon GO Can Be Bad For Your Game Account

Unfortunately, the internet is also full of Pokemon GO hacks and cheats that violate the developer’s TOS (Terms of Service).

It can be frustrating when some people try them, and they seem to work – albeit temporarily. This will only encourage more people to start using them thereby resulting in a vicious hacking cycle.

Such acts can easily get your account banned from the game.

You must avoid using unreliable cheats and hacks for Pokemon GO. If you must cheat, stick to those methods or apps from reliable sources and developers.

Apart from bans – which happen more frequently with each passing month – you could also get exposed to Pokemon GO location spoofing malfunctions. Such issues could render your character useless during Raid Battles.