How To Stop Spotify Adding Songs To Playlists Automatically (2022)

Easy to follow tutorial on preventing Spotify from automatically adding songs to your Playlists! Its one of the most annoying features on the free version of spotify: you add your favorite songs to a playlist, only for Spotify to come along with “we added” and ruin the playlist by auto adding random songs to it.

Follow this tutorial on learn how to stop the “we added” to your Spotify playlists now!

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– When you play the playlist as a free user it will force you to also listen to the songs it added..

– It’s actually possible to stop Spotify from doing it and this is how.

– Spotify will only add extra songs to your playlists if you have added less than 15 songs to it. You can stop spotify from adding them by having at least 15 of your own songs on there.

– Now that i have 15 tracks in my playlist if i reopen the playlist we can see that the ‘we added’ section of the playlist has disappeared.

– So if you have playlists where Spotify is automatically adding their own tracks, all you have to do is add more of your own favourite songs to the playlist until there is at least 15 of them.

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