How To Hack Facebook Account With Password In 2022 (3 Best Methods)

How To Hack Facebook Account In 2022: The year is 2022 and Facebook still ranks among the most visited social media websites on the internet.

Almost everyone on the planet uses or knows about Facebook as it provides an entertaining platform where people can connect with their friends & loved ones.

The popular website uses top-notch security measures to guarantee the safety of its visitors. But the fact is anyone who is determined enough can break into another Facebook user’s account without being detected.

Are you a concerned parent that wants to know who your kids are talking to on social media? Or maybe you’re a jealous lover that can no longer control your curiosity? Perhaps you’re a tech-savvy geek who’s just looking to test your hacking skills; this post is for you!

Pay close attention because this is where we get to describe how to hack Facebook account password without getting caught:

3 Best Methods To Hack Facebook Account With Password

  1. Using Social Engineering

Let’s start with one of the most widely used methods available to learn how to hack Facebook account password details of targeted users.

The best part about this technique is the fact that not much hacking knowledge or skills are required to use it.

The Social Engineering method is best described as an information-gathering process. The subject of the information being targeted here is the person whose FB account you’re looking to hack.

Examples of relevant target information may include their date of birth, his/her mobile number, spouse’s mobile number, mother’s name, nickname(s), their native place, etc.

So how does the social engineering process help you to discover how to hack Facebook account password details?

The answer is simple. Many websites and apps nowadays – Facebook included – tend to have a default password reset option. It is often called a Security Question. You’ll find that most of these security questions come in the form of phrased queries like any of the following:

Who was your first-grade teacher?

What was the name of your first pet?

What is your nickname?

Or any other custom user-defined questions.

By gathering a considerable amount of personal information about targeted individuals, you can increase your chances of hacking into their Facebook account.

By clicking on the “Forgot Password” option, you can gain access to your target’s FB account after you provide the correct answer to their security question.

Furthermore, personal data are among the most common account passwords used by people. Some examples include:

  • Birthdate combination
  • Nickname/ Middle Name
  • Old Mobile number
  • Car/Bike Number
  • Current Mobile Number
  • Next of kin
  • Pet’s Name
  • Girlfriend’s/Boyfriend’s name or mobile number

Once you can gather all such personal details about your target, your job becomes much easier.

That’s it! You’ve just learned how to hack Facebook account password of your target by applying Social Engineering methods.

  1. Using Monitoring Software

While attempting to learn how to hack Facebook account password details of someone else, it is always best to use methods that will help you remain undetected.

You can get this done easily by using special monitoring software tools.

The best spy apps usually come with untraceable digital footprints. This way you are guaranteed of their trustworthiness. You just have to figure out a way to install them on your target’s smartphone without them knowing.

A few examples of good spyware currently available on the software market include MSpy, Spyic, Keylogger, and SpyHuman software.

Moreover, these spying apps are easy to use and don’t require the user to be tech-savvy. They were built to operate in stealth mode.

However, some downsides to using this method include the fact that the best spying apps are usually expensive. You also have to gain physical access to your target’s smartphone.

Also, if your target changes or loses their device, you must reinstall the app if you wish to continue monitoring them.

  1. Phishing

If you’re serious about learning how to hack Facebook account password details of your target, you should look to apply phishing methods.

Fortunately, phishing is a commonly used technique for hacking Facebook account passwords. Moreover, you don’t need to have advanced technical skills or experience to perform phishing jobs successfully.

But how exactly does phishing work?

It’s quite simple really; the phishing process works after a hacker creates fake copies of popular webpages. The purpose is to steal or obtain the unsuspecting user’s password details along with any other sensitive information including their financial details.

In this case, phishing will involve creating a duplicate Facebook log-in page. The only difference will be an unusual URL that only appears to be valid.

Once your targets visit such a webpage, they may be led into thinking that is the official FB login prompting him/her to sign in using their username and password details.

As long as they don’t detect anything suspicious about your phishing page, your target should input their login details. Afterward, the login information gets sent to the creator of the phishing webpage. Meanwhile, the victim will be automatically redirected to the official Facebook page.

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Final Take

That’s it for our post about how to hack Facebook account password info without being detected.

Feel free to check back here for more handy life hacks you can use.