How To Get Free Instagram Followers In 2022 (7 Proven Methods)

How To Get Free Instagram Followers In 2022 (7 Proven Methods): Instagram has gradually evolved into an essential marketing element for most online brands.

It offers one of the best ways to grow conversions, increase profitable traffic to website landing pages, and keep your audience engaged.

Are you just starting your online business or trying to promote an existing brand? You’ll find that coming up with imaginative ways to market your product or service through Instagram can be very exciting. But first, you must build a substantial following.

A larger IG audience offers more creative customer engagement opportunities – once you’ve learned how to provide unique experiences for them.

If your brand’s presence on the Gram isn’t as robust as you would like, now might be a good time to sharpen your strategies by learning how to get free Instagram followers.

Proven Ways to Get Free Instagram Followers In 2022

Let’s be honest, growing the first one thousand followers for your IG business account will likely be your most challenging task. This is especially because your brand is still unfamiliar to most users.

Moreover, those days when people bought Instagram followers and used bots to grow their accounts seem to be over.

You’ll now have to establish yourself as a successful brand and successful IG influencer.

But what if I told you that getting free Instagram followers is quite possible?

The workaround methods we’ve highlighted in this article can serve as short-term boosts for your IG follower numbers. But you might have to come up with more long-term marketing strategies to keep your audience engaged.

Optimize Your Instagram Account

optimize your instagram profile

Getting your IG account fully optimized is one of the most essential steps you must take before you start worrying about getting free Instagram followers.

Here, your Instagram account’s homepage can serve as a bio for your service or brand.

Even if you don’t have a bio, you can use appropriate captions, images, or a social media handle that people can easily associate with your brand.

This brand identity – bio and image – is the foundation of your online business. It is essential to increasing the flow of real IG followers to your website.

Also, you should try to maintain search-friendly usernames as much as possible. This typically means using a unique logo or brand name.

Always use the same social media handles. You could also try shortening your business name into something that your clients can easily recognize.

Avoid adding special characters or numbers to your brand name.

Plan for Your Instagram Marketing Campaign

instagram marketing

You must have a clear plan for successful social network marketing.

And while getting free Instagram followers is an excellent way to start, you’ll need to do more than just growing your follower base.

Attracting more followers should only be part of a long-term plan for linking social marketing objectives with your business strategy.

Try thinking more in terms of why you want your brand or business to have more followers on Instagram.

What are you working towards accomplishing?

Whether you’re looking to increase traffic flow to your website, boost product sales, or increase brand awareness; you have to maintain focus on your business goals. This way, the theme of your IG account will remain consistent.

Identify Your Target Audience

instagram target audience

You should try answering the following questions about your potential customers:

  • Where do they live?
  • What is their age bracket?
  • What do they do for a living?
  • What are their major challenges?
  • Do they like to spend a lot of time on Instagram?

By providing answers to these questions, you can then come up with the ideal Instagram content and strategies for reaching those audiences who are most likely to pay attention.

Also, it will help you stay focused on how to consistently meet the needs of your audience; thereby encouraging their long-term followership.

Repost Relevant Content From Reliable Sources

repost on instagram

Use your Hashtags! They are an excellent way to attract new followers to your brand.

Active IG users tend to browse the list of daily used hashtags to find out what’s trending. It is a great way to see the top-performing IG posts.

Moreover, you get to see what was posted by individual people instead of from other fan pages.

This high-impact strategy to get free Instagram followers is probably the most suitable for beginners.

Post Content by Partnering With Brand Advocates

While trying to discover new ways to attract free Instagram followers, you must also learn to appreciate the market value that your audience brings.

As your organic follower numbers increases, so does the number of interested customers and buyers.

You can grow by being more prominent.

Try getting your brand message into your audience’s news feeds by sponsoring user-generated content. You can even organize and hold Instagram-based contests to boost the popularity of your brand.

Develop A Consistent Brand Aesthetic & Story

Posting content randomly is one of the worst mistakes you can make when trying to attract free Instagram followers to your brand.

You want your audience to always remember why they chose to follow you in the first place. No matter what your goals are, you must always look to maintain a consistent message and personality for your brand.

Your followers should be able to recognize your posts at a glance. The Instagram Story feature can be used to share random content that doesn’t blend with the overall appearance of your main feed.

Tag Your Location

tag your location on instagram

People can discover your content more easily once the location element in your IG posts or Stories is clear.

Try as much as possible to tag the physical location of your business – if it has one. You should also encourage visitors to do the same.

By simply clicking on that location tag, potential customers get to view the entire collection of photos and IG Stories posted about your office, store, or restaurant.

This can serve as a great way to maximize the exposure of your brand or IG business account to a larger audience.

Moreover, adding your real-time location while you’re hosting an event or business conference can help you to attract more attendees, thereby exposing your brand to a new group of targeted potential IG followers.