How To Get Free Playstation Gift Card Codes (2022) Free PSN Codes & Generator Methods

How To Get Free Playstation Gift Card Codes (2022) Free PSN Codes & Generator Methods: The PlayStation Network offers a formidable online multiplayer experience that has so far attracted over one hundred million registered users.

It boasts of a virtual online market, the PlayStation Store, that was built to enable outright game purchases and downloads along with various other multimedia resources.

With full access to all your favorite games, movies, TV shows, add-ons, exclusive offers, plus two free games every month, the PlayStation Plus platform is almost irresistible to avid gamers everywhere. Almost!

It offers a subscription-based service that lots of players simply cannot afford to pay for regularly.

But the good news is free PSN codes can be used as an option to redeem all your favorite games and items from the online store without spending actual cash.

Why Do You Need Free PSN Codes & Playstation Gift Card Codes?

You can obtain free PSN codes and use them to credit your PlayStation Network account balance.

From there, the funds can be used to shop for virtual items on the PlayStation Store without providing your credit card info.

You can enjoy using free PSN codes by yourself, or you can gift them to someone else for use on their account.

But how to get these exclusive PSN codes for free?

Read on to discover more about legitimate & free Playstation Gift card codes generator methods that can bring you closer to acquiring all your favorite games.

Proven Ways to Get Unused PSN Codes for Free

  • Sony Rewards Membership

Sony operates a rewards program that serves as a channel for paying back loyal PlayStation fans everywhere.

And just like most other online rewards services, Sony lets you earn & redeem virtual reward points for PlayStation products.

Once you’ve managed to accumulate a considerable amount of digital rewards points, you get to swap them for free PSN card codes. You could also choose to upgrade your PlayStation hardware or rent the latest Sony movies and music.

  • Sony Rewards Passes to Complete Various Challenges

Once you’ve become a Sony Rewards member, you can then login and go to Earn>Passes. Here, you’ll discover various challenges to complete. Some of them may include earning points for watching videos, inviting up to three friends to use Sony Rewards, connecting with Sony Rewards on Facebook and Twitter, or uploading tickets for up to three eligible movies.

  • PSNReward

The PSNReward service offers up yet another legitimate and free PSN codes generator approach.

It was built to allow users to acquire virtual reward points after spending their time and effort.

After obtaining up to 1000 points, you can trade them for 10 dollars worth of unused PSN codes. Earning up to 2500 points will get you 25 dollars worth of free PSN codes and so on.

Moreover, this rewards service lets you earn points by simply filling out various surveys. Each one typically requires between 5 to 30 minutes of your time.

You can even unlock extra coupons after referring this exclusive rewards service to a friend.

  • Free PSN Codes Generator That Works

PlayStation is a global brand. It is therefore not surprising to see third-party partner platforms existing on the internet. Such services are made available to serve as distribution channels to reward avid fans and boost the popularity of the Playstation Network.

To use these free PSN codes generator websites, you only have to create an account. Once this is done, you can then proceed to earn reward points by complete special offers, watching sponsored ad videos, playing Spin the Wheel, or answering paid surveys.

Afterward, you can redeem your reward point earnings for unused PSN codes or virtual playstation gift cards sent directly to your email.

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  • PSN Code Giveaway Offers

Perhaps completing paid surveys is too time-consuming for you; then you could always try your luck with special PSN code giveaways.

Any avid gamer that knows where to look can always save money by obtaining the latest game coupons and discount codes.

You can find trusted information about most of the latest PSN code giveaway offers on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

We strongly recommended that you follow up regularly and participate in free PSN codes giveaways hosted by popular & reliable brands and bloggers only.

  • Exchanging Unused Items at Online Gift Card Marketplaces

You might have some special gift cards or items lying around unused. You must never throw away such things. They can always come in handy in the future as exchangeable pieces for free PSN redeem codes or other useful gift cards.

Once you’ve ensured that you have chosen a marketplace with a positive reputation you can safely trade or exchange your valued items.

  • PointsPrizes

Perhaps you don’t mind spending your extra time responding to survey questions, subscribing to newsletters, or watching video ads; then you’ll be pleased to know that PointsPrizes offers a quick and reliable free PSN codes generator method.

PointsPrizes is essentially a GPT (Get Paid To) service that was built to enable free access to all your favorite games and apps. After earning reward points with PointsPrizes you can then redeem them for unused Playstation Network codes.

  • SwagBucks

Swagbucks is a popular rewards platform that offers you incentives for performing routine actions in your spare time. The virtual points earned and accumulated on Swagbucks can then be exchanged for PayPal cash, free PSN codes, and other popular gift cards.

The Swagbucks rewards platform features different earning methods for you to try. You can choose to complete special offers, answer paid surveys, sample recommended software, play free mobile games, and much more.

  • InboxDollars

You can also check out the free PSN codes generator offerings available on InboxDollars. Once you create an InboxDollars account, you can proceed to earn cash and gift card rewards. All you have to do is answer a few survey questions, play games, and open paid emails.

Afterward, the InboxDollars algorithm will reward you with direct PayPal cash transfers. You can then use the funds earned here to shop for working PSN codes at no extra cost.