Free Netflix Accounts & Passwords [Daily Logins] (2022 Updated) 100% Working

The one-stop online platform that caters to all your home entertainment needs by letting you watch tons of new and classic TV shows and movies is probably the most used media streaming service on cyberspace right now.

This represents the perfect opportunity for users to get daily doses of their favorite shows without missing a single episode due to busy schedules.

However, Netflix runs a premium service that requires users to open accounts and subscribe before they begin watching. This can be a major letdown for people looking to stream free online videos.

But what if we told you that there are other ways you can explore in your bid to enjoy unlimited premium access to the Netflix catalog of pure entertainment across all major languages?

You’ll need free Netflix accounts to achieve this feat and these can only be operated via free Netflix logins and passwords.

Keep reading this post to find out how:

Why Get Free Netflix Accounts?

Before we deep-dive into the process of obtaining free Netflix accounts and passwords, we must first understand a few things about them.

With a working Netflix account, you can stream as much content as you can wish for on-demand, without any sponsored ads to interrupt your viewing – for a monthly subscription fee.

And because there’s always fresh content to discover from the melee of movies and TV shows added on every week, there’s never a dull moment on Netflix.

These are taxable services hence you must pay to use them.

The base Netflix Premium plan begins at 7.99 USD each month and can rise above 13.99 USD monthly for the different subscription plans.

Netflix Subscription Plans and Prices

Netflix currently has 3 different subscription plans. They are:

  • Basic Plan– Users of this Netflix plan, get to use just one screen with SD (Standard Definition) video quality. You will also be allocated with 0.7 GB of storage per hour on every device you use to stream.
  • Standard Plan– This Netflix plan comes with dual screen offerings along with HD quality videos plus 3 GB of storage per hour on every device used to stream.
  • Premium Plan– Once you activate this plan, you will enjoy access to 4 viewing screens that can serve up videos in Ultra HD quality plus 7 GB of storage per hour on each streaming device.

There you have them. Note however that the Netflix subscription plan features can vary for different countries and that this post is not for people who can afford to subscribe to the Netflix Premium account.

Free Netflix Accounts for 2020 (9 Methods)

Are you tired of asking your friends for their active Netflix login details? If yes, then this next section on our free Netflix accounts guide is for you.

You too can get your own free Netflix logins and passwords with any of the following methods:

1. Use the Netflix Free Trial Period

This first method is the most straightforward and legitimate method you can use to access Netflix content for free. The Netflix service will offer you a complimentary 1-month free trial duration during which you can access the premium Netflix Ultra-HD features and services at zero cost.

You will, however, have to pay for the Netflix service once your free trial period expires so enjoy it while it lasts.

Here’s how to access the 1 month free Netflix Trial Account:

  • You can start by visiting the official Netflix website on your PC or mobile device
  • Next, tap the Join Now button
  • You will see the different subscription plans available
  • Go ahead and pick your preferred Netflix plan
  • Next, you must create an account on Netflix
  • Use a valid email ID to create a trial account and then sign in with your new account
  • Choose your preferred payment option
  • Enter your debit or credit card payment details and phone number to continue
  • Next, you must specify the category of devices you will be using to watch Netflix videos
  • The next step involves adding the names of other users you wish to share your Netflix account with
  • That’s it! You have successfully created your Netflix free trial account.

Note however that the Netflix platform ( will deduct charges from you every month based on your chosen subscription plan but you can avoid this by terminating your membership before the 30 days free trial period elapses.

This is one way to enjoy using the free Netflix accounts service together with your family members and friends albeit for a limited duration.

2. Use Netflix Mod Apk to Get Free Netflix Accounts

es, it is now possible for you to benefit from free Netflix accounts by downloading the Netflix mod apk.

It’s quite simple. The Netflix mod apk will automatically unlock the premium features once you follow the detailed process of installation that usually accompanies the apk pack. You can then proceed to stream an unlimited amount of original web series, the latest movies, documentaries, and other entertaining videos. Click here to download Netflix Mod APK.

3. Use Links to Stream Netflix Original Web Series and Movies for Free

This next method will enable you to watch both classic and new movie releases plus original web series free of charge on Netflix.

If for some reason you can’t get free Netflix accounts and passwords, then this is a great alternative you can try.

The free streaming links we have provided below will enable you to access your preferred genre of TV series and movies on Netflix. They are also available in major languages. Plus, you can download them for viewing offline.

4. Use Virtual Credit Cards to Get Free Netflix Accounts

Because Netflix policy allows for only one credit card to be used at a time to activate a Netflix trial account, you cannot create more than one free trial account with the same credit card on Netflix.

No worries here, because we can offer you a solution to counter that problem.

It involves the use of virtual credit cards to create several free trial accounts on Netflix. Note, however, that you can only generate virtual credit cards with a valid credit card.

Moreover, you can make your Netflix payments with Master Card, Visa Card, and American Express only. Any other means of payment will be rejected.

You can follow the simple steps we’ve highlighted below to obtain a virtual credit card:

  • Go to the official web page.
  • Next, tap the “Open an Account” button located on the top right-hand corner of the page.
  • You can then begin the registration process by entering the required personal details which include your present country, email ID, and password info.
  • Proceed to register your account
  • After verifying your email, click on your wirexapp profile and update it with the required information
  • Next, click on the Order Credit Card icon
  • You can then select your preferred option of currency such as USD, Euro, GBP, or others.
  • You may crosscheck all the information you have provided once again to ensure they are accurate and then click on the Submit button.
  • That’s it. Your virtual credit card should now be ready for use.

5. Use The MediaBoxHD Application to Get Free Netflix Accounts

You can operate free Netflix accounts with the help of the MediaBoxHd software tool. It will also give you access to premium Netflix features free of charge.

The MediaBoxHd app was developed to unlock Netflix content. All you have to do is download and install the app, grant it a few permissions, and then you too can begin watching Netflix videos at zero cost.

Moreover, this handy software is compatible with various streaming devices including PCs, Android, and iOS platforms.

This MediaBoxHd app can also double as an HBO and Amazon Prime unlock tool.

6. Use Netflix Cookies to Get Free Netflix Accounts

Netflix Cookies also offer another great method for you to use free Netflix.

By installing these cookie extensions on your Chrome web browser, you can enjoy unlimited access to the premium account service on Netflix.

7. Netflix Accounts Sharing

This option might turn out to be the best one for you. It will involve some friends and your family members.

Each person can contribute money to activate a Netflix subscription plan and then proceed to share accounts. Netflix’s premium features can boast of multiple screens.

Moreover, you can each create private profiles that cannot be used by anyone else.

8. Netflix Account Generator

You must disregard all sites that claim to be able to generate free Netflix accounts and passwords as they will eventually turn out to be a waste of your valuable time.

The official Netflix website is hosted on its own server which simply cannot be accessed by others and this makes it impossible for third-parties to generate free Netflix logins and passwords.

9. Use Promo Codes to Get Free Netflix Accounts

You can choose to activate Netflix accounts with promo codes. The Netflix promo codes even have the added advantage of helping you make the purchase at reduced rates.

Below is a list of available promo codes you can use right now:

Airtel Subscribers Too Can Get Free Netflix Accounts

Do you use the Airtel broadband network? If yes, then you too can enjoy free Netflix accounts with their amazing XStream offers.

Airtel currently operates an XStream fiber network and it offers a revolutionary way of providing entertainment access to its users.

With an Airtel XStream fiber plan, you can watch movies, download games & apps, stream Live TV channels, plug-in & play, & so many more.

The XStream fiber base plan begins at 799Rs. and it comes with 100MBPS speed offerings.

The next XStream fiber plan costs 999Rs. and it comes with 200MBPS speed together with 300GB of data.

With the 999Rs XStream fiber plan or above, you get to use premium account services on Netflix for 3 months which is normally worth Rs.1500 plus an Amazon Prime 1 year subscription worth 999Rs as well as a lifetime subscription on ZEE5.

Get Free Netflix Accounts (2020) with Username & Password (6, March, 2021)

This is the part where we get to serve up free Netflix accounts and passwords along with premium features. We have collected these logins from Reddit

You only have to copy & paste the username & ID for the login. It’s that easy.

However, if the first one doesn’t work, you might have to try out each username & password because lots of people may also have access to these free Netflix accounts.

They can be used for personal purposes or shared amongst friends and family members.

  1. – 0512014
  2. – jm271987
  3. – 0082498
  4. – hunghung0121
  5. – zwasaki4
  6. – jessie081
  7. – galrileah215
  8. – cadielac9433
  9. – gatewaysTc
  10. – 17737271888
  11. – danbrown02
  12. – itechackz321
  13. – 898nenik

Features of the Free Netflix Accounts

The following are the Netflix account premium features you’ll be enjoying:


This feature will serve up remarkable Ultra HD /4k visual support. It will enable you to better appreciate Netflix graphics on larger displays and experience videos in their full high-quality along with your family members and friends.

Multiple Screens

You’ll agree with me that this Netflix feature is also quite important if you wish to share your free Netflix accounts and passwords amongst friends and family.

You can have up to 4 screens linked with a premium Netflix account so everyone gets to stream their videos separately.


The free Netflix accounts also support downloads for those of us who prefer to save our favorite movies and TV shows for offline viewing.

Just make sure that you have a stable internet connection if you wish to experience faster download speeds.

30 Days Free Trial

This is an awesome Netflix account feature where you get to enjoy a one-month free trial period of unlimited access to video content. After the duration elapses, you can terminate your subscription if you wish to discontinue the service.

Get Access to Over 30 Free Netflix Accounts and Passwords (2020)

Perhaps the free Netflix accounts logins and passwords above didn’t work for you; then feel free to check out the following accounts.

Also, due to popular demand, this web page gets lots of visitors daily so you must not modify any of the username or password details for any of the accounts.

You can also check back here for daily updates.

The Wrap-Up

Here ends our guide on how to get free Netflix accounts and passwords 2020.

All the methods here are legitimate and working. So let nothing prevent you from exploring the full entertainment options they can provide.