Free Minecraft Accounts 2022 – Minecraft Premium Account & Password Generator

Free Minecraft Accounts 2022 – Minecraft Premium Account & Password Generator: Looks like you have some free time to spare and would like to explore infinite worlds on the gaming phenomenon called Minecraft.

Besides helping us to relax, Minecraft provides a caliber of gameplay that can inspire creativity & positivity and even sometimes helps with boosting player IQ.

The game lets you build anything from the grandest of castles to the simplest of homes. It also has lots of interesting modes to play along with brilliant features to offer.

And although the Minecraft game was developed originally for Xbox and PC platforms, it has now expanded to become widely popular on mobile and handheld gadgets.

However, the sad reality is that lots of people don’t get to enjoy playing Minecraft with its full features since it isn’t entirely free.

You must open an official account before playing it.

But what if we told you that there are legitimate & working ways to obtain Minecraft accounts free of charge?

In this post, we will describe the best methods you can use to get free Minecraft accounts so you too can expand your game.

Keep reading for details.

About Premium Minecraft Accounts (2020)

Every new Minecraft player gets to use a free trial account. But such accounts have limits and cannot provide user access to the entire game modes and features.

You’ll need access to unlimited Minecraft resources if you hope to cope with the survival mode or mine deeper into the brilliant world of crafting objects, armor, and weapons to defend yourself against dangerous mobs.

With Premium Minecraft accounts, you can explore, create, & survive in single or multiplayer modes.

Here are a few features that the free Minecraft accounts with Premium services have to offer:

  • Premium Minecraft Edition.
  • Access to new Minecraft characters which users of the free edition cannot use.
  • Ability to save your Minecraft game at any level.
  • Direct online transactions with the game developers.
  • Apply customized avatar models & character masks which are excluded from the free edition.
  • Switching across different Minecraft Multiplayer or Survival game modes.

Premium access to the Minecraft edition will require a one-time $26 payment.

But you still don’t get to access in-game features with this fee unless you use Minecraft coins to acquire them directly. Players can typically purchase these Minecraft coins with real money.

Fortunately, there are other ways through which you can get to use these Premium Minecraft features free of charge. We have described some direct and indirect methods below:

Using the Official Method to Create Premium Minecraft Accounts Free Of Charge

Finally, we get to talk about working ways through which you can activate & use free Premium Minecraft accounts.

Minecraft now gives players the option to purchase entire Realms. Minecraft Realms will enable you to create your own version of a Minecraft world that is always available online – for a monthly subscription fee of course.

There are currently 2 standard Minecraft Realm subscription plans available for players to pick from depending on the number of people being invited into your realm to play simultaneously.

There’s also a free 1 month Minecraft Realms trial option available for up to 10 players. During this period, you can proceed to enjoy all the premium benefits that the free Minecraft accounts have to offer.

Note, however, that you will have to forfeit any unused portion of your free trial period as soon as you (or the account owner) pay for a new subscription.

How to activate your free Minecraft accounts?

Follow these simple steps describing the official method to activate the Minecraft free trial accounts:

  1. Visit the official Minecraft website ( via a web browser on your PC, Xbox console, or mobile device.
  2. You must now proceed to log in or create a new Minecraft account by tapping on the Register One Here button found directly below the Log In option.

Afterward, a new web page will open up with the following input fields:

  • Email address
  • Password
  • Repeat your Password
  • Date of birth

You must carefully provide the required information for each field.

Once you have provided the required data fields, click on the Create Account switch located directly underneath these information fields.

Next, a random check will appear on your screen prompting you to confirm that you are not a robot.

Once that is done, a unique shortcode will be sent to you via email for you to enter into the Verification Code field and confirm the creation of your new Minecraft account.

To end the account creation process, you can click on the Verify icon.

Other Working Methods You Can Use To Create Free Premium Minecraft Accounts

Fortunately, there are lots of options you can explore if you’re looking to activate Premium Minecraft accounts for free.

And although some methods may be less direct than others, it’s only because they are less popular alternatives.

We’ve described a few proven ones right here:

  1. How to Get Premium Minecraft Accounts via Third-Party Websites

You’ll be pleased to know that you can enjoy using the premium version of Minecraft accounts free of charge through certified third-party websites.

The Nulled domain has consistently ranked among the most popular third party websites you can visit if you’re looking to score the free Premium Minecraft accounts.

This site is quite unique since you won’t be required to download any support files. Hence, your gaming device is safe from the risk of getting infected with Trojan viruses.

Follow the simple steps we’ve described below if you wish to properly harness the Nulled website approach:

  • You’ll have to start by opening a Nulled account for yourself. Go to the official Nulled website ( and then tap on the link provided to Create an Account.
  • This next step will involve you providing all the personal data required for completing the Nulled account creation process such as your unique username, email address, and your password.
  • A unique link will then be generated and sent to your email inbox which you will have to click on to confirm that you have provided accurate email account details.
  • Afterward, you may proceed to access the Nulled website by using the same login details you provided while registering your new account.
  • Next, you will be automatically redirected to the Nulled homepage.
  • Once there, open the Games menu.
  • Here, you can access an extensive database of trending online game titles.
  • You will find the Minecraft link here by scrolling through the entire webpage. Open it.
  • A new web portal will open up directing you to the latest list of premium and free Minecraft accounts just waiting for you to use.

Note that because of regular user traffic, a few of them might still be working, while others might not.

  1. Obtaining Free Minecraft Accounts through Minecraft Forum Giveaways

This particular approach to scoring free Premium Minecraft accounts for an entire month will appeal to more adept gamers.

You’ll find assorted game forums online where Minecraft premium accounts are sometimes given away at zero cost. You only need to locate & follow the right forum threads.

You could also check out popular social media blogs & groups where Minecraft giveaway events and other freebies are occasionally on the menu.

About Using Free Minecraft Account Generator

Using the free Minecraft account generator method comes with its pros & cons.

While these code generator websites can be accessed easily by anyone, they often require visitors to save caches or accept cookies which could be harmful to your device.

Moreover, very few of them are actually reliable. Yet another drawback of this approach is the slow account code generation process.

Updated List of Premium Free Minecraft Accounts (User Emails & Passwords)

Below, you’ll find 2 lists containing all the latest and free-to-use Premium Minecraft account user details you can use to expand your gameplay.

They are all working and can aid you in your quest to enjoy premium Minecraft game features free of charge.

Simply copy & paste the following exact password details without changing any characters:

Free Minecraft Premium Alts Updated List 1

Email Passwords SyN1PSES dd102680 22686746 900426 pinkylee13 Love2016 plumber81 Juice350 0703dudqja Choo@t irena2534 elite123 Miata691 1craznut denden64 Hem01ant henry123 arnold99 Jugga$124 morici0820 runner kugel37 hate0443 aggregate23 cr3895 Saraswati5 h09817167d Jj4425152 02blue10 yc9330

Free Minecraft Premium Alts Updated List 2

Email Passwords viper21 Friend11 gizzzy123 Hej50465002 sausagex3 sailboat2 Sold!er15 Rm9p28hruf sylvia2381 pong9999 ChuchuRicky1 15jweiner bryan2004 Fatman007 LadyenWilly keegan33 Nobelguymur2761 snooze123 franko10 jinriku523 Ab175021343 boogerboy1313 sk618212 panda100 Love77life dietcoke1 BigRed07 chong143 lylien12 durant

The Takeaway

Now that we’ve concluded our discussion on how to get Premium Minecraft accounts 2020, you must now be aware of your most suitable options.

Go ahead & try them out now!