How To Earn Free Google Play Codes, Gift Cards & Redeem Codes (2022 Updated)

How To Earn Free Google Play Codes, Gift Cards & Redeem Codes: Due to the current over-abundance of Google Play Store apps – which is considerably more than you’ll find on Apple’s App Store – free Google Play Codes have become rather essential to the average smart device user.

With Google Play Gift Card Codes, you won’t have to supply your personal banking details before making online purchases hence; they offer up the most convenient & secure method of payment for online Google Play Store transactions.

Yes, many Google Play Store ( apps are free, but you’ll soon discover that the most amazing and useful Android apps & games will require you to make some form of subscription-based or outright payment.

And even the free software programs that provide basic functionality will still prompt you to make payments for in-app purchases and for unlocking Premium services.

But because of recent global uncertainties, we are all looking for ways to spend the least amount of funds so we understandably resort to web pages like this one for the best ways to get Google Play Code free of charge.

In this post, we will explain legal and proven methods for Android smart device users to acquire free Google Play Redeem Codes.

But first a preamble:

What Are Free Google Play Codes?

These extraordinary and free Google Play Redeem Codes are released occasionally as promos by Google and other third-party app developers.

They can be used for making in-app transactions, redeeming free game items, as well as for obtaining discounts.

Moreover, you won’t need any special skills to use them as the entire process is quite straightforward.

Any Android user can obtain free Google Play gift code for online transactions across Google Play platforms without using real money.

You could even present them as gift items to your family, friends, and associates during special occasions.

Furthermore, Google Play Codes don’t expire; which means you can choose to accumulate as much as you want until you have enough to make the more expensive app, game, music, or eBook purchases at one of the world’s largest online software marketplaces.

Of course, you can purchase Google Play Gift Card Codes outright at certified online outlets using your hard-earned cash but why would you choose to do so when you can always use free Google Play Redeem Codes acquired from reliable sources. Here’s how:

Best Ways To Get Free Google Play Codes and Redeem Codes in 2020

1. AppStation


Any Android user would jump at the opportunity to score some free Google Play Redeem Codes and AppStation offers a proven method to do so. This top reward app is already serving the online premium purchase requirements of millions of users across the globe.

This lightweight app is a must-have for anyone who enjoys playing mobile games while on the go. On AppStation, you can get rewarded with free coins after playing recommended in-app games. The reward coins you’ve gathered here are what can be used to redeem those Google Play gift Codes you’ve been searching for.

2. SwagBucks


With SwagBucks, you have yet another popular reward app you can download, install, and use right now if you wish to score some Google Play Codes for free to access premium app & game services on your Android-based smart devices.

The SwagBucks application will require you to perform simple tasks like shopping online, taking surveys, watching short video clips, and playing online games after which you will be rewarded with points. These accumulated reward points can then be used to claim Google Play Codes for free.

3. CashNgifts


Millions of people across the world are already putting their spare time to good use with the CashNgifts app. It is one of the surest methods you can use to get your hands on sufficient amounts of google play code.

CashNgifts users can earn & accumulate reward points after performing a few routine online tasks successfully. These accumulated reward points can then be swapped for real money or free Google Play Redeem Codes.

4. Google Opinion Rewards

google opinion rewards

You too can check out the Google Opinion Rewards app to discover for yourself why it consistently ranks among the most legit methods anyone can use to acquire google redeem code nowadays.

To get rewarded, you only have to respond to survey questions on your favorite fast-food service or popular logo designs.

5. GPlayReward


Let’s introduce you to the GPlayReward app. It is one of your surest means of getting your hands on all the free Google Play gift card you’ll need this year.

GPlayReward is already well-known for rewarding its users with Google Play Codes free of charge after they successfully download and use recommended apps as well as complete a few other simple tasks.

6. AppKarma


AppKarma has been in the business of rewarding its users with popular gift card codes for many years now. Free Google Play Codes are also available on the AppKarma reward menu.

All you have to do is watch a variety of app trailers, or use some of the listed free apps and you can proceed to accumulate the reward point freebies Appkarma has to offer.

7. GiftsJunkie


You too can download GiftsJunkie right now if you wish to harness a unique opportunity to accumulate free Google Play Codes.

Both the GiftsJunkie app and website are certified portals that are also into providing reward codes from other top worldwide brands like Playstation, Amazon, Xbox, Nintendo, etc.

8. CashKarma


With a 4.4 out of 5-star rating on the Google Play Store, you can be sure of using one of the best methods for scoring free Google Play Codes via your Android mobile device.

You can even obtain codes for other popular brands such as Amazon, Xbox, Nintendo, Playstation, and others after performing routine online tasks.

9. JunoWallet


Simply download & install the JunoWallet application right now and you are one step closer to getting all the free Google Play Code you’ll need for this year.

Apart from completing online surveys and watching short videos, there’s also a JunoWallet feature that lets you earn rewards from making phone calls.

10. FreeMyApps

free my apps

This final app recommendation on our list is quickly becoming a firm favorite among Android users looking to score get google play gift card for free.

With FreeMyApps, you get to earn reward points and then swap them for various in-game currencies as well as free Google Play gift.

Free Google Play Codes List (Daily Updated)

S.No Codes
3 L5WD-M99B-C7AM-FE7Q-N2
8 L5WD-K4U8-F4B2-XEJ5-PA
9 7P8V-MR3J-75FF-LP9W-7RJ
10 L5WD-MWFX-8Y5E-DM24-K2
12 7P8V-MEP8-5CZ9-KRAD-4N2
14 7P8V-N99F-Z3QV-S8FV-KXS
15 7P8V-M3GM-77LC-WS63-ELA

The Wrap Up

Here ends our latest discussion on legit ways to get the extraordinary and free Google PlaRedeem Codes in 2020.

The methods we’ve described above have already proven to be consistent and secure for millions of Android users worldwide.