Coin Master Free Cards: How to Get Golden & Rare Cards? (2022 Guide)

Coin Master Free Cards: How to Get Golden & Rare Cards? (2022 Guide): Are you a Coin Master player who is looking to gain an advantage in the game? You can get this done by applying the latest Coin Master hacks designed to give players considerable amounts of game cards, coins, free spins, and other in-game bonuses.

Welcome to the awesome digital world where Viking kings get to attack and plunder other villages after spinning a wheel. You can then use your coin rewards to fortify and defend your own villages.

But to do this, you’ll need all the Coin Master Cards and other game goodies you can get.

In this post, we will be turning our attention to legit methods anyone can use to boost their Coin Master Card collection this 2020 & beyond.

About The Coin Master Free Cards

You’ll need to gather enough cards from chests in the game to complete your Coin Master Card collection after which you get to receive awesome rewards.

These Coin Master free cards can be swapped only during Card Trade Events, and you can only trade those cards that have been mentioned in those events. So it is usually better to obtain game cards from chests.

And while some Coin Master cards tend to appear quite often inside random chests, others are very rare which means players will have to buy dozens of chests to get their hands on those rare cards.

This is what makes the knowledge of how to get free cards on Coin Master quite essential to playing the game for longer.

Working Tricks to Get Coin Master Cards For Free

This is the part where we get to share our knowledge on how to get free cards on Coin Master.

Our first recommended approach would be for you to pay close attention to activities on the game’s official social media accounts. This way, you’ll be among the first to know when Coin Master free cards, free spins, and working daily links are released.

You can also rest assured that all these freebies are sampled before they get updated across social media channels.

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Other methods you can use to score some Coin Master free cards are as follows:

1. By Trading Cards for Chests

Perhaps you’re not finding it easy to follow up with the latest happenings on the game’s online community; there is an integrated feature that lets players trade as much as 75 of their duplicate game cards for a single card chest.

And although using this approach won’t expand your card collection as quickly as trading directly with the online community, it is still a useful method nonetheless.

This brings us to our next proven method to get Coin Master cards for free:

2. By Trading Cards with the Online Community

Coin Master players can now swap their unwanted game cards for those ones that they really need from most online communities.

The game’s developers have also made this process as reliable as possible by creating official channels on social media platforms for this purpose.

We strongly recommend using this method if you’re looking to quickly expand your card collection.

3. By Receiving Daily Rewards

The Coin Master developers also release working daily links that can provide you with all the Coin Master free cards that you need.

So if you can gather a considerable amount of game cards as each day passes, you’ll soon have a sizable card collection at your disposal in almost no time at all.

4. By Completing Various In-Game Tasks & Events

You’ll find lots of events in the game you can complete for a chance to earn huge rewards.

We’ve identified some of these reward-based Coin Master Events right here:

  • Diamond Rush – This particular event was one of the first in Coin Master that started rewarding players with a considerable amount of freebies once their tasks were completed. It also rewards players with cards and coin master free spins.
  • Village Master – This is a brilliant event where players get to earn potions & food items for their pets after completing their Viking Village construction within a specified time frame. Players will also receive huge bonus winnings, cards, and in-game coins.
  • Ultra-Attack Master – This next reward event requires the player to win by spinning the wheel to match 03 ultra-signs after which they will receive bonuses, cards, and coins.
  • Ultra-Raid Madness – This event is quite similar to the previous Ultra-Attack Master event, as it also qualifies players to receive bonuses after matching 03 ultra-signs on the spin-wheel.

5. By Waiting Patiently For a Card Boom

Buying a bunch of chests is probably the most straightforward method you can use to add new cards to your collection, however; it is always more economical for you to wait until there’s a Coin Master Card Boom before splashing the cash.

These Card Booms are hosted regularly, and usually feature a time-limited 50% extra card offer for every chest that is bought and opened.


That’s it for our discussion on how to get free cards on Coin Master. Now you know what your money-saving options are.