10 Best Thermometer Apps To Measure Temperature (Android/iOS) 2022

10 Best Thermometer Apps To Measure Temperature (Android/iOS) 2022: A thermometer is a device or tool that quickly measures the specific value of the degree of hotness or coldness. Traditionally, thermometers are standalone devices which could differ slightly based on their use. A clinical thermometer can look significantly different from other types of thermometers.

However, thermometers have morphed into a more technological appearance and use. Thermometers have been cross-bred with smartphones to produce a hybrid that can be both a smartphone and a temperature checking app. This is possible because there are lots of thermometer applications being integrated into smartphone software nowadays.

As a smartphone user, particularly with the Android and iOS operating systems, you can now work out the temperature of your immediate surroundings quickly with your device once you install temperature measure apps. Now, there are a lot of thermometer apps at your disposal, and you have to be able to choose the best. This article aims to furnish you with the features and download options for the best free thermometer apps. Let’s get started.

Here Are The List of Best Thermometer Apps To Check Fever Or Outside Temperature:


With the iThermonitor app, you can quickly obtain precise temperature readings with your smart device. This app is widespread and is currently used by a lot of people. The best part is that it is free and also easy to operate, all thanks to the user-friendly interface.

The app does not just stop at giving you a temperature reading but takes a step further to enlighten you with data to know your possible health status. The accuracy of the app is hardly in question and this makes it one of the best thermometer apps out there.

Download: Android / iOS

Body Temperature

This is one of the best thermometer apps on the software market. It is already well-known among millions of smartphone users who depend on it every day to take accurate temperature reading whenever they want. This app can be easily installed on your smartphone or tablet as it is available on both the Google Play and iOS stores. When you launch the app, it can easily read your body temperature from your finger and give out accurate details.

You can use this handy take your temperature app with your family and friends to know your health position whenever you have the need for it.

Download: Android

Real Thermometer

Real thermometer happens to be one of the best thermometer apps currently available on cyberspace. It is of a high grade and comes with an infrared sensor. With its quality, you can take the temperature readings of both the human body and the environment quickly. The infrared tech makes it easier to use the app to capture temperature readings without actually having to come in contact with the target body or object.

With this application, you can even have a temperature records history on your phone since it allows you to save previous temperature readings for access anytime you want.

Smart Thermometer

This take your temperature app is one of the easiest to launch and use. It works with sensors on your phone that let you know the temperature around you without physical contact. The app demands that your GPS is turned on for it to work. It is available for Android devices.

You can trust this software tool to give out very accurate readings on temperature and this makes it one of the best thermometer apps on this list. You can even manipulate it to give out fake readings whenever you want with the help of a false GPS application.

Vicks SmartTemp

Another application that is used by a lot of people is the Smarttemp app. It is available for both Android and iOS users and has a lot of positive reviews from both users. The app is free on every platform and even easy-to-use.

This software tool is family-friendly and one of the best thermometer apps because it helps you keep accurate records of the temperature of each person in your family by creating individual accounts for them. You can easily access the history on your phone.


With this top app, you can take accurate temperature readings with your phone easily. It is available for both Android and iOS users which makes it very popular. This is one of the best thermometer apps that provide displays on your smartphone, which will help you know exactly what to do at any point in time. It also helps with setting reminders, and taking notes for different readings as well.


The Thermo app is one of the best thermometer apps on this list even though it is only available for iOS users. With the Thermo app, you can quickly get precise temperature values of both your body and the environment around you.

The app demands that you have the GPS location device for your smartphone switched ON. You also get to decide if you want your temperature readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit or in any other temperature S.I units.

Fever Tracker

Fever tracker does not give out accurate readings. It is strictly a prank app that gives false readings on your mobile device so you can use it for gimmicks. It is free. It is also relatively easy to launch and use. You have only to place your finger on the phone for it to give you a reading. However, don’t let it surprise you that it appears on most lists of best thermometer apps.

Thermometer & Hygrometer

This app is a well-known app for good reasons. It is first of all available for both Android and iOS users. It does not just let you take temperature readings, it can check for the humidity of the environment as well. It is also free-to-use. As one of the best thermometer apps, it enables you to decide on whether you want to have the Celsius or Fahrenheit S.I units.


This is a new relatively entry to the software market, and so far, it has been trending among smartphone users. It is supported by both Android and iOS systems. It is one of the best thermometer apps that allow you to take not just temperature readings, but you can also know your humidity levels. The app requires that your GPS location be turned on for it to work. You can also choose the S.I unit of your choice.

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In Conclusion

You do not have to settle for just any take your temperature app. You can get the best services from the apps mentioned above. You can adjust most of them to suit your needs.

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