Top 15 Best Websites to Watch Cartoons/Anime Online FREE (2022)

Top 15 Best Websites to Watch Cartoons/Anime Online FREE (2022): It really doesn’t matter how old you are; binge-watching animated movies and series ranks among the most fun things anyone can do with their spare time.

But because we can’t run away from our daily responsibilities, most of us are hardly able to dedicate long hours to watching our favorite genre of animated series or cartoon movies.

Thanks to the digital revolution we’re currently experiencing on online entertainment platforms, there are now hundreds of cartoon and anime streaming providers available on the internet.

You no longer have to wait until a specific time to watch programs on TV. Visiting cartoon streaming websites is now the most practical approach to watching your favorite cartoons anytime and anywhere.

If you’re looking for the best sites to watch cartoons online, we’ve got you covered.

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Check out our list of top 10 cartoon and anime streaming websites below:

Best WebSites to Watch Cartoons Online For Free (2020)


For several years now, the official KissCartoon domain has consistently ranked among the best websites to watch cartoons online. Here, you get to stream popular cartoons for free in HD visuals and audio.

Mobile users can install the user-friendly KissCartoon app to watch the latest cartoon series and receive anime updates while on the go. The KissCartoon site is already quite popular among anime lovers around the world. It’s also one of the best website to watch cartoons on our list with a vast collection of animated content.


You too can get to Watch Cartoons Online at WCO Stream; one of the best free website to watch cartoons on the internet. Here is where you can go to watch all the latest TV shows and cartoon series in HD imagery.

Moreover, the WCO domain is already well-known for having a well-designed and eye-catching website interface that anyone can use. You can expect to find all kinds of animated videos for kids and adults alike.

Cartoon Network

So you want to visit the best websites to watch cartoons online?! The official Cartoon Network website is already known worldwide for being a great place to stream entire cartoon episodes for kids as well as play the latest free games.

Moreover, Cartoon Network can boast of a massive collection of the finest cartoon shows in streamable HD quality. Each category here contains an extensive list of cartoons that’s regularly updated. The search bar feature is also there to help you browse through the categories by a specific anime or cartoon title.


Thanks to its teeming worldwide user base, the GoGoAnime domain is widely considered as one of the best free sites to watch cartoons online. You can expect to find thousands of anime categories available for you to choose from and watch.

And although GoGoAnime doesn’t offer much flexibility in terms of its website navigation options, it is still quite capable. The website homepage has been divided into 4 different categories to make it easier for you to explore.

Let’s now introduce you to the domain; one of the best free sites for streaming anime you must visit in your spare time. This brilliant website was built to help cartoon fans find and stream all their favorite cartoon movies along with the latest anime series updates.

You also get to request specific animated movies you can’t find on the website’s collection. It gets better because you won’t be required to subscribe for membership before being allowed to stream your preferred content from the website.


With AnimeUltima, you have yet another cartoon & anime streaming website that is free-to-use. It also ranks among the best websites to watch cartoons online from among the plethora we’ve sampled recently.

The AnimeUltima domain is where you can go to watch & download tons of free anime series. The website can boast of an extensive collection that is overall more than sufficient for most cartoons and anime lovers. Each Anime genre here can be explored by user-specific filters.

7. CartoonsOn

Perhaps you’ve been scouring the internet for the best websites to watch cartoons online; your search ends here because, with CartoonsOn, you have a reliable online provider of the latest cartoon movies and anime series updates – all at zero cost.

Unlike most other website recommendations on this list, the CartoonsOn domain also supports manga downloads so you can read while you’re offline. There are even anime soundtracks available for you to listen to.


You get to select from up to 25,000 free episodes of your favorite cartoon series on CartoonCrazy one of the best websites to watch cartoons online. You can expect to see the available cartoon listings under various categories on the website’s homepage.

Anime lovers can also check here for the latest dubbed anime episodes. It gets better because the CartoonCrazy website is a legal domain that won’t require you to register for an account or subscribe to a plan before you can start streaming videos.


That’s right; you can look to the official Toonova website to satisfy all of your cartoon and anime viewing needs. This remarkable domain was built to help cartoon lovers to stream their favorite anime series or movies along with accurate English translations.

Moreover, the Toonova domain can double as a social networking platform that comes highly recommended for fans that are looking to connect with other like-minded cartoon watching and anime streaming enthusiasts.


You may now visit Cartoonwire and then register for a free account before proceeding to watch your favorite cartoon movies & series online in superb HD quality.

You might however be overwhelmed by the amount of fun & popular cartoon titles showing on the website homepage. Luckily, the Random Cartoon feature is available to help you make a random selection of trending cartoon series and movies that are currently streaming on the site.

More Sites To Watch Cartoons Online For Free

  1. ToonJet
  2. Cartoon Movies HQ
  3. Watch Cartoon Online
  4. Anime flavour
  5. Disney Junior
  6. Nick Toons
  7. Anime Toon
  8. Anime Center

Final Words – Best Sites To Watch Cartoons

Here’s hoping you enjoyed reading our latest discussion about the best websites to watch cartoons you can use.

You can now go ahead to explore their limitless entertainment offerings.

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